All about chakra bracelets

All about chakra bracelets

Chakra refers to energy centres within our bodies that communicate with our bodies. The interaction or communication is both on an energetic level and a physical level. Therefore, these bracelets significantly impact the wearer's mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

A chakra bracelet, otherwise called a chakra healing bracelet, consists of seven different colored chakra beads. These different colored chakra beads represent the energy points within our body. Many believe that if you wear a chakra bracelet, then they can balance your energy centre.

But there is also a misconception regarding the bracelets. People seem to think that they are a religious symbol. So, therefore, to clear this misconception, we will give you detailed information regarding the mechanism, benefits, and ways of activating a chakra bracelet. So, let's get started.

Table of contents

  • How do Chakra Bracelets Work
  • Unravelling Chakra Bracelets
  • How to properly wear a Chakra Bracelet
  • The many gems linked to the Chakra Bracelets
  • What changes after wearing a Chakra Bracelet
  • The benefits of wearing a chakra bracelet
  • Ways to activate your chakras and make the bracelet work

How do Chakra Bracelets Work

The chakra healing bracelets consists of chakra beads. The wearer needs to focus their attention and keep it steady on one bead at a time while meditating. Doing this, in turn with every bead, will allow the wearer to draw the energy that the beads represent. As a result, they absorb all kinds of negative energy and activate themselves. It is said that the chakra bracelets only work for those people who believe in it and the seven energies since the bracelet works with a positive mind.

Unravelling Chakra Bracelets

This bracelet is an item that both men and women of any age can wear. It helps an individual maintain the perfect balance of mental calmness, tranquility, and clearness in meditation.

The chakra bracelets unravel the healing side of your body and activate the process of healing. The seven chakra bracelet works in unison and represents all seven energy centre within our bodies together.

How to properly wear a Chakra Bracelet

You should wear the chakra bracelet on the left hand. Ancient people demarcated the various sides of our bodies to believe that each side would perform different functions. The left side was identified as the feminine side of our body and the receiving side.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear the chakra healing bracelet on the left hand. Wearing it on the right hand will provide you with the opposite response since it is known as the giving side of your body.

The many gems linked to the Chakra Bracelets

Different gemstones are associated with the seven chakra bracelets. Each chakra represents different gemstones. They are:

  • The first chakra is associated with Red Jasper, Hematite, Black or Red Onyx, Garnet, and Pyrite.
  • The second chakra is associated with Moonstone, Amber, Carnelian, Sunstone, and Chalcedony.
  • The third chakra is associated with Tiger's eye, Citrine, Hessonite, and Zincite.
  • The fourth chakra is associated with Unakite, Jade, and Rose Quartz.
  • The fifth chakra is associated with Sodalite, Blue Agate, and Turquoise.
  • The sixth chakra is associated with Labradorite, Sapphire, and Lapis Lazuli.
  • The seventh chakra is associated with Amethyst, Diamond, Clear Quartz.
  • These gemstones represent different energy centre and, united together, form the seven chakra bracelets.

What changes after wearing a Chakra Bracelet

Many people feel that the bracelet does not work since there is no sudden surge of spiritual healing. That is because of form the surge, energy infilling, and experience of healing, and everything in starts with a step.

The benefits of wearing a chakra bracelet

The major benefit of wearing a chakra bracelet is the healing power that it provides to your body.

  • Many believe that healing can handle pain, mental health issues, addiction, heartbreaks, and other internal struggles.
  • They make the body and mind of the wearer conscious of their current state and release the flow of positive energy within. They create a utopia and makes people more optimistic by boosting their happiness.
  • The seven-chakra bracelet adds life force into your body and makes it one with your mind and soul.

Ways to activate your chakras and make the bracelet work

  • Activating your chakra bracelet will allow you to develop a strong bond with the chakras and your inner self. Before activating, find yourself in a peaceful and quiet place. Clear your minds, set your goals, and focus your attention.
  • For activating the bracelet, start meditation. Take deep and long breaths while holding the bracelet in the palm of your hands. This is the easiest way to activate the chakras, eliminate all the negative thoughts, and become one with your body and mind.
  • Another way is to do mudras.
  • Sit straight and position your body properly. Use hand gestures and activate your chakras.
  • The last way for activation is performing mantras. Chant the incarnations that you strongly believe in. If you want, you can even chant a mantra that you made that makes you feel positive to activate your chakra.

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